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Hullo again!

Since we're all running around asking who everyone is, I figured it'd be more efficent to make some sort of profile for everyone to fill out. I'll make this a memory, too, so's when we collect more people, they too will be in the know, haha.

Neopets Username: [An old one we may recognize, or perhaps one you use now]
Known as: [Short form or nickname]
Characters others may remember: [Your aisha's name, or what not~]
You may remember me from/by/because..: [ANYTHING~! It's a free for all, XD.]
Old art: [If you can find any! If not, people can post your old art on your behalf. It's just another way for us to remember you, if the name doesn't click first.]
Remember when..?: [Add a short memory you have of Sako's!]

Two things:
1. Is anyone good at LJ layouts? This place needs spiffing up!
2. Continue to administer all means of recruitment! (:
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