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T stands for Troublesom Tayo!

So, here's the scenario.
It's about 10:40 at night.
Can't sleep. Already ate. Everyone else is asleep and I just got back from Neeka's house a few hours ago, so I'm in a pretty good mood.
Both of my legs were in serious pain [which ended up keeping me awake till 5].
So why not get in some good ol' drawing time? After all, it's quite needed.

By about 12, I was sick of the first picture I was working on, so I started a new one.

And that's where that came in. .-.
It was an experiment. Trying some different face angles, which I kinda failed at. But it was the first time doing something like that, so can ya blame me? At least I tried.
I'll probably never finish it.
But I might re-draw it in hopes of it looking better.

I dunno. It was about 1 by the time I "finished" and I had probably listened to more Wax Poetic, Kaskade, and Madonna then what was necessary.
And it was cold.

But it's almost 10.
And I have a huge journal entry to write.
And then a walk to the library where I will be for the rest of the day.
Unless they kick me out because I have an un-godly book fine....
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